Duration: 2 days or 3 days workshop
Delivery Method: In-person, Virtual

Frontline Managers are an organization’s first level of management: the “people managers” across its business operations and functions. Developing frontline managers is key to an organization’s overall health and prosperity. Learn the five core skills necessary for managerial success (accountability, collaboration, communication, engagement, and listening and assessing)-to take new and experienced managers beyond their roles as the centers of their teams to the powerful roles as the hearts of their teams. This workshop demonstrates how the development of these skills can help managers positively impact every member of their team.

  • Objectives

    To Develop Winning Managers-the Heart of the Team.

  • Topics

    The ACCEL Model: The framework for new and experienced managers develop the skills for success.

    • Accountability: Accountability holds a team together. A manager’s role is to foster a culture of mutual accountability. 
    • Collaboration: No single person can do all the things that are necessary to move business initiatives forward. Collaboration is at the core of what we do. A manager’s role is to both facilitate collaboration and identify barriers that are preventing it. 
    • Engagement: Managers play an essential role in creating an inspiring and engaging team culture. This level of trust comes from sharing a values driven vision of future success. Trust, integrity, and overall pride in the organization are typical engagement factors. 
    • Listening and assessing: Skilled managers know that listening and seeking to understand are the most important tools in their toolbox. Managers who are able to listen, assess, and synthesize information are better equipped to perceive obstacles and facilitate collaboration. 
  • Prerequisites